Thai Yoga massage is closely linked with my other passion - Yoga.  My yoga journey started in 2006 when I accidentally discovered yoga during a trip to India. A 2-week stay at the Sivananda Yoga ashram completely changed my world view and brought a new direction to my life. Yoga gave me self-confidence and made me comfortable in my own skin. After coming back to the UK, I experimented with various styles of yoga, until I was eventually drawn towards the system, Yoga in Daily Life™.

Yoga in Daily Life™ is an traditional holistic system, offering ways to attain and improve health as well as find harmony of body, mind and soul. Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda is the founding author of this system and today you can find YIDL centres all around the world. In 2016, following a few years of intense training, I started teaching regular classes at the Yoga in Daily Life Ashram in Queens Park. I regularly attend Yoga in Daily Life™ seminars in Czech Republic and in India, in order to improve my skills and gain more knowledge and understanding..


My yoga practice is closely linked with my second passion: Thai Yoga Massage. I'm a certified practitioner of this amazing bodywork technique since 2013. Over the past 5 years, I've completed numerous specialized courses in this field with leading teachers both in the UK and in Thailand. Thai Yoga Massage is for me an active meditation and I really love sharing it with others.

My yoga classes follow the Yoga in Daily Life™ system, which combines asanas (physical postures), breathing techniques (pranayama), and self-inquiry meditation. I firmly believe yoga can be suited to everyone, so that all have the possibility to practise yoga, in daily life!

I feel grateful that yoga has become part of my life, allowing me to find a deeper connection with people and a better understanding of myself. It brings me joy to share the gift of yoga with others and to encourage them to discover the source of peace, health and lasting happiness.

I feel excited about the opportunity to teach regular classes in Yoga in Daily Life Centre and in Streatham. Currently I teach on Tuesdays at the Yoga in Daily Life Centre and on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at St Leonard's Church in Streatham.

My Yoga Journey